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The greatest way to find flaws in online applications is through web application pentesting.

How We Perform Application Pentesting


In order to organize your attack, reconnaissance entails learning as much as you can about your target. Actively communicating with the target directly or passively utilizing intermediaries are both viable options for completing this procedure.


Technical tools are used in this procedure to find gaps in systems, internet gateways, and the target listening port. During this stage, it is typical practice to provide a vulnerability assessment report.


In this stage, any target applications and devices are compromised using the knowledge gained in steps one and two. Hackers can gain access and obtain data.

Continuous Collaboration

Communication between testers and business operators is a crucial part of the pentesting process. As a result, the testing procedure is enabled to be more effective. Additionally, it helps customers whose engineering teams can communicate directly with testers to comprehend vulnerabilities found and effectively fix them.


Testers will communicate various vulnerabilities to the customer's engineering teams after successfully breaching a target system or application. With the help of this procedure, the engineers will be able to start the remediation process and fix these vulnerabilities.

Retesting & Repeat

Clients using pentesting services ought to think about retesting their assets once remediation is over. This will guarantee that all potential entry points have been adequately protected. A successful pentest engagement can be concluded quickly by retesting. Additionally, it aids companies in preparing for upcoming tests

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Penetration Testing FAQs

An evaluation of a network or application’s security called a “pentest,” also known as a penetration test, mimics an attack by an adversary with hostile intent in order to find security flaws. This test is planned out in advance and carried out with the intention of not harming any systems. Your pentesting firm will give you a report detailing vulnerabilities and weaknesses discovered during the test, along with advice on how to fix them.

Web application penetration test target software that may be accessed by consumers. Your pen tester may examine any aspect of your web site, from a straightforward payment page to a comprehensive administrative console where you manage multiple customers. They are searching for things like chances to increase their level of access and add an admin user. We might also be trying the application’s API calls to see what further information we can disclose, or we might even try to dump all of the client data, which might include names, addresses, emails, and perhaps even credit card or other personal information.

Network Penetration Test is comparable to the hacking you see in movies, when a hacker is using a command line tool to try to gain access to your network and exploit any open services. After gaining access, the attacker tries to advance their status and get administrative access to a network resource before changing their approach and entering more secure regions.

small to large sized companies could be subjected to a pentest for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they wish to safeguard their clientele or their reputation, which are both admirable goals. Perhaps they wish to avoid damage, downtime, and embarrassment in the event of a security problem. Perhaps they’re deploying new software and want to make sure that any modifications didn’t result in unforeseen issues. Or perhaps they need to assure a third party that they are safe—doing so can assist limit liabilities in the event that something goes wrong.

Make sure you have a budget set aside when you’re considering performing a penetration test.

Depending on a company’s size and organizational structure, penetration testing costs might vary greatly. up to enormous zones and many large networks, starting with tiny networks. If you are a Fortune 500 company, you might have to pay much more because you have a lot more assets. The following list is intended to provide you with a general notion of what to budget for the penetration test:

Small ($2-8K)
1 web application, 1 small network
medium $10-20K
2 medium networks, 2-3 web applications
Large $50,000+
extensive web applications and/or network zones

You must respond to certain crucial inquiries before your pentest, such as, “What is my motivation?” What is it that I genuinely want to learn? What are the conditions for my compliance? Your pentest provider will be better able to plan the testing with the help of these responses.

Are you merely seeking security for your own peace of mind? Would you like to assess and enhance your security posture? Do you need to raise security awareness among your company’s high management? Maybe you’re trying to defend the cost of security. Do you want to know what your controls are and be sure they are effective? You might want to lessen the frequency and impact of security events if you are experiencing a high number of them.

You want a pentesting firm that will collaborate with you on security and be simple to deal with. To enhance processes on both sides, you need to feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback from one another.

We communicate at Wing my Web via a pen test coordinator. It’s a fantastic way for customers to communicate with the pentest team more frequently. According to our research, using a human project management interface streamlines the procedure and improves the experience for all stakeholders.

Last but not least, you want to be certain that you’re planning penetration tests at times when it makes sense for your company. It’s usually preferable to perform a penetration test a little bit more thoroughly than to try to get by with only the bare minimum. Additionally, you want to make sure you have thoroughly tested the modifications before they go live so they don’t introduce any live vulnerabilities into your systems. This is true when you make significant changes to your network, an application, or when you release a new product.

Please get in touch with us here if you have any inquiries regarding penetration testing or would like to obtain a price for one.

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