10 Questions To Ask Your Clients Before Designing Their Website

To clarify our needs before initiating any project. We have prepared a set of questions. So, if you are planning to start a project with us, these are some questions you are going to answer.

1. What Does Your Website Offer?

This question is pretty basic. Because before jumping into details, we should know what your website is going to offer to its clients. This would help us to set a standard even before designing and developing your website. You are supposed to answer this, including all minor and major details of your website.

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2. Who Is Your Audience?

The targeted audience is the pillar aspect you should know before starting a website. As a developer – we should know it too. To develop a website correctly, we should know who is your targeted audience.

3. What is the Quality of Your Web Content?

Web Content is one of the significant parts of website development. All of the SEO and all of the online techniques are done on your web content. So, the quality of Web Content matters a lot! Here are some sub-questions you might be asked:

  1. Did you hire someone to get this web content?
  2. Is there any website backing up your web content

4. Why would Clients Visit Your Website?

Visitors information and requirement is the crucial point of any website. If you know why your clients would keep visiting your website, then it would be easier for us to engage your audience more accurately. In this way, your website would be boosting day-by-day.

5. Do You have any other Website?

The majority of the clients choose WordPress design services because they are new in this field. Simultaneously, some clients try to develop more new websites besides having some old websites. If you have some previous website, then we should know about it. Maybe your old website requires some advancements and repairs.

6. What are Your Focused Keywords?

To make your website SEO friendly, we should know your focused keywords. Focused keywords would help your website to rank quickly. If you don’t know how to search focused keywords – leave it to us.

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7. What are the Pillar elements of Your Website?

You should be clear about what you are demanding. In this way, we can deliver what you are asking for. It would be best if you told us what your requirements are. What are the fundamental pillars you want to be added to your website?

8. Have you Purchased any Domain?

To initiate and run a website – you must buy a domain and host. We are hoping that you know about both. But no worries, if you don’t know about these. We would help you to buy a perfect domain that would match your services and would rank easily. We don’t want to put a burden on our client’s shoulders.

Contact us for Domain and Hosting Details.

9. What is your Budget for this Project?

Defining and fixing the project’s budget before initiating it is essential to eradicate any future clashes. That is why you should know what you’re asking and what you’re paying. Our clients should have an estimated budget before starting any project.

“Money is not the game; your satisfaction is.”

10. Do you have a Deadline?

WordPress projects are time taking and long-lasting. That is why we need to ask our clients whether they have a deadline or not? If you have a deadline for the project’s completion – then you must understand the importance of your budget and requirement. Moreover, deadlines also define the client’s attraction to the project.

About Wing My Web

Wing My Web LLC is a WordPress Website Design and Development Agency. We specialize in WordPress designing E-commerce, Marketing/Business, Blog/Media outlet, Educational, and Portfolio websites. Our company’s foundation is built on reliability designing and deploying a stunning website quickly  and affordably giving our clients the best experience ever and peace of mind. 

We are one of the leading web design and development companies in the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland, and a leader in providing custom WordPress website design services that help your business grow. if you are looking for expert designers we are here for you .contact us at Wing my Web.

                                                 “Our goal is your satisfaction, not your money.

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