7 Email Marketing Best Practices to Turn Campaigns Into Sales

Email Marketing Best Practices

It’s easy to send out one email. A good email marketing plan can help to grow a business by using the best techniques. How do people unsubscribe and get in front of their emails? The e-mail industry is an interesting field and should be explored before learning the rules. Not knowing the guidelines may mean sending out emails with the correct logo on the screen, but not on the mobile device. By adopting the most efficient email marketing best practices, you can reach out and convert subscribers into sales.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing can be described as the type of direct marketing where a lead can be informed using individualized mass email marketing. Lets dive into e-mail marketing. Digital advertising strategies are extremely efficient. Effective email marketing transforms prospects into once in a lifetime customers and return customers. Until recently, email marketing was used for many reasons. This method is the easiest way to contact leads, nurture them, and convert them into clients, which is consistently superior to all marketing channel types.

Why email marketing is important?

What is the importance of email marketing? So we have to discuss this. However the rise in social media and unsolicited spam emails remains an effective method for nurturing leads and generating customer satisfaction. When it comes to email marketing, why should it be your first priority? Email has always been a great communication medium.

Here are 7 email marketing best practices to help you generate more lead for your business:

1- Personalize your email campaigns

Personalizing your email address is a common email marketing technique. When people call us their names, we answer at subconscious levels. Personalization occurs when your client uses his or her first name in your subject line. 1.75% of email are generated through personalized email advertising! Personalizing the process however goes beyond that. The customer should receive content that is suitable for their tastes. You also need to leverage dynamic information to give you an individual customer experience that can be customized based upon users that you collected via the online forms. In a nutshell, personalization leads to a significant amount.

2- Build your own list

It is no surprise that buying email accounts is NOT an email marketing best practices. The GDPR rules have been implemented. Healthy open rates play an integral part in email marketing campaigns, and in the case of emails containing unsubscribed users your results can quickly drop. You may even have to be rejected from major Internet service providers including Yahoo, Google Mail, and AOL. You must create and maintain an email list organically! As building a large list is difficult to do quickly, make use of lead magnets such as eBook industry news or freebies.

3- Experiment and deliver your emails at the right time

How should you send a message for best open rate? Google results show Tuesdays from 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. Although written on many top marketing websites, these articles are still circulating around the internet, and naturally inboxes are also bombarded during this period. So there is no effect. The best time and day for submitting an email is Thursday between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. However, this does not necessarily indicate you’ll need it. When sending an email it’s important to understand how the target audience behaves.

4- Write engaging email copy

Developing effective e-mail content should not be a bad idea. The first step is to develop a brand identity. It will ensure consistency across all channels, not just emails. The email copy is important and precise and has actionable text to encourage action if possible and compliment your CTA. You’re not tempted by a text wall. The main objective is to highlight why a person should click on an e-mail to receive a CTA. A/b test emails can help determine what works best for your target audiences.

5- Use high-quality visuals

As it is said, pictures are worth thousands and you should include beautiful images to enhance the email. You should make sure your visual is high-quality and matches your brand (color, style). Visual graphics have an important goal: “enforce” your e-mail and create a strong relationship with your subscriber base. GIFs can be considered, but be careful as they can influence the tone of an email or is not always pertinent. Lastly, be sure to add ALT text to pictures, as this can help people suffering visually impaired and can save lives if a webpage does not render properly.

6- Optimize for mobile devices

Because emails are typically written and edited for desktop computer use, they can sometimes appear as an afterthought for the mobile app. Mobile users account for 426% of email openings. The easy solution is to test the email before sending the email. Partaking, based in the US has created a variety of email templates that look amazing on every mobile device. Choose email platforms with responsive templates to display emails in all formats – eg mobile phones.

7- Use analytics to drive your email marketing strategy

After sending email marketing campaign, use analytics to analyze the effectiveness of email advertising. By monitoring the measurable email campaign metrics in the emails, it is possible to adjust emails to increase engagement. Check the data on your email campaign against email campaign benchmarks for comparison of your performance. While we need to understand this data, we can’t over-index it. The result is a better rate for open rates and conversion rates as they compare to yesterday.

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