12 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website

Why would I want to build a business website? You may ask. My customers’ aren’t tech savvy… My business isn’t big enough… It’s expensive. Whatever the reasons, you may want to change the notion and embrace it. A small business website design may come in handy since most businesses are heading the online way. 

It’s also a form of small business marketing since most companies rely on the vast online population to sell their services. The online segment remains untapped, exhibiting huge potential. According to the Hubspot marketing statistics, 81% of potential buyers research before purchasing their desired product. This should be a wake up call, meaning you need to invest in website building.

Why Would You Need a Website?

No matter the size of your business, it’s imperative that you have one for the following reasons;

1. A website is a Tool That Sells Your Products and Services.

A website acts as a market place for your products. It’s a billboard that advertises your products and services to millions of potential customers. Obviously, it’s not as easy as only building a business website and leaving it at that. It would be best if you promoted it through social media exposure, having an SEO strategy in place, and through content marketing. All these work well together to produce the desired results.

2. Your Business is Never Closed

I get it. Family time is and should be paramount. Your website carries out your small business marketing campaigns to your potential customers when out of the office. Remember that potential online clients are researching their next buy. Why would you want to miss out?

3. You Can Target A Bigger Market

Having a business website design in place will work to your advantage since you now have the potential to spread your wings by targeting international clients. It will potentially boost your earning potential since you not only targeting the local market.

4. Your Potential Clients Are Online

75% of the world’s population is online. That means they have access to the internet, with most of the younger population leading the revolt. But that doesn’t mean that the older generation isn’t catching up. Invest in website design to ensure you are not left out. You’ll miss on massive opportunities as clients will skip you.

5. Your Clients Expect You to Be Online

 I can’t stress this further. It’s an unwritten rule that a small business website design is the key you require to succeed. Clients expect that you have a website to explore and ask relevant questions before they commit to purchasing. However, in the absence of such, credibility issues creep in, finding it hard to convert sales.

According to research done by Brightlocal, 80% of participants in the 18-54 age bracket intimated that they would think twice about contacting a business that lacked a functional website.

6. Your Website Can Provide Social Proof

Your presence on Facebook, Yelp, Four square, Twitter, and Google reviews won’t cut it either. If clients are seriously looking for you, it’s essential to have a functioning website in place. You could include your happy customers’ testimonials in a bid to boost your small business marketing. Brightlocal indicates that 88% of potential clients trust online reviews.

7. It Can Save You Money

Small business marketing campaigns can be quite costly in terms of printing costs. However, having a website will drastically cut your costs since every detail can and will be provided on your website. Discount coupons and catalogs can be provided in PDF format. You could also allow new subscribers to view or download your catalog at their pleasure. The push of a button can do all these things. But beware. Don’t send any shady stuff. Only send relevant materials when given the authority or permission by the client.

8. Business Email (info@website.com)

Correspondence can be done through other means, such as personal mail. However, it is not recommended since you risk looking unprofessional. When you build a business website, you’ll need to have a domain. It’s sad that most people ignore domains since they believe it doesn’t play an essential role in their business.

It is the sole reason your website isn’t selling or closing any deals since potential clients think you aren’t the real deal. It’s easier for customers to remember your email if you have a domain.

9. Online Store Sales Are Growing

E-commerce expenditure is exponentially growing. Its percentage of the overall retail sales keeps increasing as per the emarketer report. Buying online is cheaper and convenient when compared to physical stores. However, don’t be fooled. Physical stores aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The online segment boosts physical retail sales with the help of your website.

10. Test Your New Ideas With Ease

If your small business website design comes with a content management system (CMS), you could publish ideas in seconds and test them on visitors. They will tell you immediately whether your message is working or not. This way, you only print what works after thorough evaluation and feedback. There is no wastage of money, and you could test your ideas on real people who may turn out to be your potential clients. You tailor-make what works best and suits your target clients.

11. Your Competitors Have A Business Website

It’s essential to remember that your competitors also have business websites. There is cut-throat competition in the online segment, and you can’t afford to miss out on the piece of the cake. As in the beginning, potential consumers will buy from businesses that have an online presence. Do not give your potential customers the chance to buy from your competitor.

12. Your Business Website is The Center of Your Marketing

Your website should be the first step in anything that you do in your business. A website is an essential tool in your small business marketing efforts. It should go live before physically introducing anything to the public. After that, you can do anything, such as issuing brochures, catalogs, or fliers. Your print should be attractive in such a way it draws people to your website.


We hope that these are more than enough reasons to convince you to build a business website. It should be designed in a way that portrays the needs of your potential client. That said, you should also post relevant materials that bring your brand closer to your potential customers.

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