13 Best Affiliate Programs For 2020

Well…. You’ve heard about affiliate marketing countless times but never really had the guts to venture into it. What’s all this fuss and jibber-jabber that’s got the whole world turned topsy turvy and tongues wagging? 

What if I told you that you could make some cool cash in your pj’s or while enjoying your pint at your favorite watering hole? Sounds too good to be true?  

(Drum roooll)…Well, with affiliate marketing, that’s now possible.

Affiliate marketing is simply the act of selling a company’s product whereby you get a commission when one buys through your affiliate link. Simply put, you are the company’s salesperson helping to promote their product. What’s more, you could do it at scale.

 A typical salesperson is tied to selling products from one company. However, with affiliate marketing, the possibilities are endless since you could promote different products from various companies. 

In case you are wondering about the profitable sites to get started with, rest easy, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the heavy lifting and sorted through the myriad sites to present you with a polished version of the selected best. Indulge.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links that may provide me with a small commission at no cost to you. However, I have vetted every program in this guide and believe they are the best for generating affiliate revenue. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

1- Fiverr

Fiverr is one of those affiliate sites that covers all the base when it comes to promoting different niches. It’s like the Amazon of digital services. Ranging from WordPress gigs, logo designs to writing and programming, the list goes on and on.

Affiliates have the potential of earning up to a $150 cost per acquisition (CPA) with every first-time purchase or up to $1000 per sale with Fiverr’s 10% CPA or 10% Rev share hybrid model.

Well, it goes without saying that with over 250 different categories and three million-plus digital services, Fiverr remains among the top sites to make some cool cash. 

Web Hosting

This is another popular affiliate marketing alternative. Since every new website requires a host, affiliates tend to join the web hosting affiliate programs since they write about various topics and niches such as starting online businesses and marketing.

However, don’t always go for web hostings that furnish you with lucrative commission rates. You need to understand and familiarise yourself with such tools, its features and capabilities that suit your audience. Some of the best web hosting services include;

2- Kinsta for Web Hosting 

Being a Kinsta affiliate furnishes you with the opportunity to earn up to $500 worth of commission for each referral with a 10% recurring monthly lifetime commission. With a 60-day cookie tracking policy, you are assured that you’ll get paid when your sales convert. Real profit-sharing and a 4% churn rate are just some of the few benefits that make affiliates stick around. 

3- Bluehost

With their plans starting for as low as $2.95, Bluehost also comes across as one of the most popular among affiliates. Further, its cost barriers are low coupled with high commissions with their one-time payout starting from $65+. Their affiliate managers also offer bespoke customer service.

4- Siteground

Most affiliates endorse siteground due to their high service quality. What’s endearing to this site is that they offer weekly payouts without any minimum threshold. However, they have a short withholding period of a month( 30 days). Apart from reliable support and superior in-house tracking, they offer their affiliates a month’s complimentary hosting so that they speak from their hearts while recommending them.

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring affiliate programs also prove popular among many affiliates due to repeat/ recurring commissions. This means that you earn every time your referral makes a purchase and not just a single commission upon their first purchase. Below are just some of the few recurring affiliate programs;

5- SEmRush

This is one among the powerful SEO tools used in keywords research, keyword tracking strategies among competitors, SEO blog audit, backlinking, among many more. It’s trusted by internet marketers globally, trusted by over 60,000 businesses. They offer their affiliates 40% commission through their BeRush program.

6- Elegant Themes

As the word suggests, an affiliate earns commission by promoting their favorite themes. Affiliates are provided with a range of themes—banners and text link that they can place on their websites. When users click on the links, they’ll be brought to the Elegant Themes website where their activities will be tracked through an affiliate software. If such users sign up, the affiliate gets 50% of the proceeds.

7- Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion affiliate programs come in handy for influencers and bloggers who have an affinity for what’s trending in the fashion industry. They can make money through their recommendations either through YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram. Since fashion is quite broad, it’s recommended that as an affiliate, you should specialize in a niche and be the go-to guy to your audience for any resource.

Figuring out your sub-niche helps you accessorize the clothing that matches your brand. You could look through other shopping platforms such as Shopstyle collective and Rewardstyle to aid you in sourcing for products to promote.

Another example of a fashion affiliate program is H&M

As a leading global brand, H&M retail brand provides unmatched quality fashion brands to promote through social media. Further, it gives you the platform to write reviews and share ideas about its products, and if done right, you could create a steady income stream through their affiliate program. 

Best of all, you are confident that you are promoting high-quality products to your followers, and their commission is quite good. They also pay on a CPA basis.

8- Sports Affiliate Program

The sports industry was estimated to grow to nearly $74 billion in 2019. The growth projections were estimated to be even higher in 2020, making up for merchandising, media rights, fantasy sports and sponsorships. Sports affiliate programs help you tap into such growing industries.

You could join a sporting company’s affiliate program to help them sell their brands, getting a commission in return. Additionally, you could use your football fantasy predictions to make daily commissions from the numerous fantasy sites out there. Examples of such sites include FanDuel and DraftKings.

A perfect example is the Dicks Sporting Goods affiliate program

As their affiliate, you are eligible for attractive commissions and their data feed that allows you to feature their sporting equipment to your website. Further, you get banners and text links for promotional purposes coupled with weekly exclusive promotional deals.

Travel Affiliate Programs

Before the pandemic, affiliates used to cash in on hotel bookings and travels to vacation packages. As a travel blogger with a huge fan base, you could recommend travel destinations, to hotel bookings packages and earn commissions from such referral. The following affiliate programs would be worth your while;

9- Trip Advisor

Known for its local reviews, Trip Advisor takes first place among other sites, allowing one to book hotels, restaurant reservations, tour packages among many others. With a cookie duration of 14 days and a 50% split, it remains to be the number one choice in the travel and hospitality category.

10- Travel Payouts

A notable feature for Travel Payouts is that it integrates other services such as Bookings.com, Rentalcars.com, and Airbnb. With a cookie duration period of 30 days, their affiliate commissions soar up to 80% with the average being 6% for hotel bookings and 1.6% for flights.

11- Hotels.com

Hotels are another way to rake up a handsome commission. There are innumerable high end and five-star hotels globally. Therefore, the chances of one scoring big are relatively high.

Hotels.com goes further in offering localized services through 85 websites translated in 35 languages. The 15million members thronging their reward system says a lot about the website with a 4% commission and a 7day cookie duration.

12- Bookings .com

Just like Travel Payouts, Bookings.com offer taxi services, Hotel and flight bookings among many others. Apart from the potential of earning massive commissions, it has an extensive database of accommodation, hotels and other properties that one can promote. One is spoilt for choice. Further, they have a dedicated support team that is ready to offer any related support. 

13- Amazon Associate Program

This is one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms globally, helping content creators, publishers and bloggers to monetize their sites. With millions of products for grabs, affiliates use link building tools to channel their audience to their recommendations, thereby earning from their audiences purchases. You could earn from sharing products with your followers or directing traffic through to Amazon. As an affiliate, Amazon provides you with access to reporting tools to aid you in understanding what resonates with your readers. Influencers with a vast online base can also reap big from Amazon.


Affiliate marketing remains a popular channel with which companies get to ramp up their sales revenue. It’s a more lucrative venture benefitting both the brand and the affiliate marketer. Well, it seems that the death of traditional marketing is inevitable as an increasing number of people open up to modern ways of marketing. With 84% of publishers and 81% of brands leveraging on the power of affiliate marketing, the future of affiliate marketing can only be bright.

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