6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to attract more people to your blog. It involves adding features and content that makes your blog relevant and easy to find. The goal is to appear on top of search results when people type certain phrases or words in search engines and appear in places that make it easier to attract new visitors. 

There are proven approaches for optimizing blog posts to get such results. The current article is your comprehensive guide for understanding them.

Let’s work with criteria or method that is proven to work for SEO. It involves several steps in improving the visibility of blog posts. The overall criteria focus on the following areas:

  • Making your posts and page unique and relevant
  • Relying on web analytics
  • Applying a proven keyword strategy to optimize content
  • Using external and internal links

The four areas capture the overall SEO strategy and we shall look at the details that you need to know for your blog to pop up in search engines. Many bloggers miss out on such essential knowledge on rank SEO or SEO for WordPress. It is the reason for demonstrating the best practice for seo to help you attain the best results in engine search optimization. So, let’s jump straight to the details.

1. Going for Uniqueness and Relevance

The first and most important step in optimizing your blog posts for SEO is to make them unique and relatable. If your post duplicates information that is already appearing at the top of search engine results, you should understand that you’re facing stiff competition. It calls for differentiating your approach to provide something that is unique in some way.

You can always create a unique post by relying on the rare and spontaneous moments or thoughts about the topic or issue. It is all about creativity and your own personal approach. If you want to create a unique post, think about very personal or unique situations. For example, instead of writing on “how to create a blog,” you should consider the common problems people face when learning to create a blog and write about them in a unique way. You could change it to “how to get unique content for your blog.”

Once you have settled on the unique issue for your blog post, the next issue is to establish relevance. It will help you to adjust the post to suit a specific group of people or a specific section of the population. You will need to think about the topic or issue and look at trends that relate to it. Select an element that you believe requires more specific information. You can always add the rest of the information to improve on the context but emphasize your specific solution.

2. Analyzing your site’s traffic and relevance to various demographics

Most experienced digital marketers agree that the best practice for SEO is to always rely on analytics. Analytics is not meant to be difficult and scary. In fact, you have already used analytical thinking in determining a unique and relevant topic. The analytics for SEO will be automated and they will help you use more data and evidence to optimize your blog.

The other advantage of analytics is the wide range of tools. You can always use Google Analytics for free. A free tool that gives you insights on how your blog is performing with different posts and at different times is great, and you should take advantage of it.

3. Use the Keyword Strategy

Keywords are words and phrases that people understand as part of their language, and which will help you to write content that is easy for them to understand. So, how do you know the words to use? The answer is simple: keyword research. It involves testing various words and phrases to see what they bring up in search engines and selecting the combination that suits your blog post. SEO is all about popping up in these search engines, so select the best keywords. You can also rely on free or paid keyword research tools.

Keyword sorting and selection is the process of determining the keywords that apply to your targeted readers. You want to know what they search and make the post specific to them. The next step is to apply the keywords naturally. Natural keyword integration in your content will make the post flow in a normal and understandable way.

4. Titles and Headers

Selecting a unique title is very important, but you also need unique subtitles. The subtitles or headers should be optimized to mention keywords in about half of them and other relevant terms in the rest of the headers. When you optimize headlines and headers for SEO, different sections of your post may pop up based on what users are searching.

5. Use Optimized URLs

It is recommended to use custom URLs for posts and their pages. The URLs should be readable, which means that they should contain actual words or terms. The readable URLs should also use words that relate to the post or its page. You can also rely on the secret of using hyphens and underscores to separate words in the URL and make them more readable.

6. Use Internal Links and Link to Authority Sources

Internal links are the links between your posts and pages. You should describe your other posts and include a link for readers to view them. It is a great way for ensuring that your post is optimized in a way that boosts your overall blog. You should also link to external authority sources, which are popular websites that people use to get similar information. Such sources will boost your standing on Google.

You should also strive to link to social media by referencing your social media pages or relevant social media posts. It helps to improve engagement and make your post align with the latest trends.

The outlined steps will help you create optimized blog posts that perform well in search engines.


We can see that performing optimizing blog posts for SEO is attainable, and it requires following a proven strategy. Always start by ensuring that your topic and issue is fairly unique. Improve on its relevance by looking at online trends and also analyze keywords for more relevance. 

You should then employ a robust keyword strategy that incorporates the most relevant words in your content. It is also recommended to use optimized headers and URLs, as well as the link to popular sites that cover similar issues. It will optimize your blog and make you appear on top of search results.

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